ACSmI Discovery and Contracting

The Advanced Cloud Service (meta-) intermediator (ACSmI) aims to provide the means for the discovery, contracting, managing and monitoring of different cloud service offerings. ACSmI will provide ways to assess continuously the fulfilment of non-functional properties of cloud service offerings while enforcing the legislation compliance. ACSmI will also provide means to allow the endorsement of service offerings from different CSPs.

ACSmI Discovery component covers the discovery and endorse functionalities, as well as, the modification and deletion of the services endorsed in the service registry. This version, Month 12, includes the following functionalities:

  • Endorse a cloud service into the ACSmI. This can be done either by the CSP itself, by the multi-cloud application operator or by the ACSmI Administrator.
  • The register of covers the different terms defined for the modelling of the CSPs.
  • Discover services. Through the ACSmI discovery UI.

The ACSmI Contract management module handles two use-case scenarios to access the cloud resources by the user:

  • First scenario provides that the user has his/her own credentials for the cloud resource he/she is willing to use.
  • The second scenario provides that the user has no such credentials and in such a case all the further contracting is to be done in 2 stages: ACSmI to User contracting and ACSmI to Resource contracting.

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