ADAPT Deployment Orchestrator

The Deployment Orchestrator, takes as input the information about the multi-cloud application components and the selected deployment configuration and is in charge of orchestrating the deployment lifecycle (deployment, un-deployment, user confirmation, redeployment) for the represented user application and its components.

This version includes the following functionalities:

  • Read the input Application Description to extract all the needed information.
  • Generate the deployment plan and scripts in the format understood by the selected underlying implementation technology.
  • Obtain and start (through ACSmI Resources Management interface) the cloud infrastructure resources, typically Virtual Machines, from one or more providers as indicated in the Application Description.
  • Configure the infrastructure resources, for example installing Docker on each VM.
  • Verify the generated deployment plan.
  • Execute the deployment plan to deploy and start all the application microservices indicated in the Application Description (each hosted within its own container and deployed potentially on a different provider).
  • Record the current deployment state.

Additional information: