Towards a DECIDE integrated solution with focus on the review.

During the last month, March 13th and 14th 2018, the fifth DECIDE General Assembly took place in Milano at HPE offices. The two days meeting was focused mainly on DevOps Framework component which provides the mechanisms to support the whole DECIDE lifecycle for multi-cloud applications development and operation.

Different workshops took place during the meetings focusing mainly on:

  • Proposing and discussing the roadmap for the DECIDE Use Cases, to assess and validate the first versions of DECIDE prototypes which are already available.
  • Analyzing and discussing the approach for the architecture of the Integrated DevOps framework, including the reviewing of the dashboards and UIs, and the continuation of the Integration task force activities, focused on analyzing the internal (to a KR) and external (between KRs) integration mechanisms in DECIDE components.
  • Understanding the NFRs lifecycle in DECIDE and how the different components interact through this lifecycle
  • Initial set up for DECIDE M18 review preparation, including the definition of the workplan.
  • Discussing the open issues on the sustainability model, focused on the Joint Exploitation proposal for the DECIDE outcomes.

As a conclusion, all the partners agreed that the mantra for the next months in DECIDE is: ”Integration, integration, and then, more integration” and with this in mind all the partners are willing to face the challenging times ahead, with the final milestone of the M18 review.