Tecnalia, Spain

TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first privately funded Applied Research Centre in Spain and one of the leading such centres in Europe. With our 1,475 highly-qualified employees, a 110 million Euros turnover and a portfolio with over 4,000 clients, TECNALIA is determined to change its way of working with companies to promote the transformation of knowledge into wealth.

What TECNALIA does TECNALIA is present in many sectors of society and, therefore, it is immersed in numerous projects and initiatives. The short- and medium-term activities developed by TECNALIA are related to the challenges that our society faces in the medium and long term. The goal is to overcome these challenges through Applied Research by developing business opportunities. These challenges and opportunities are related to Climate Change, the future of cities, low carbon energy, ageing, the industry and factory of the future, the digital and hyper-connected world, sustainable transport and, in short, anything related to the economical and social development of our society and the improvement of the quality of life of people (See Annex I). What is Inspiring Business Its “Inspiring Business” slogan means knowing how to imagine. A synthesis of two concepts that go hand in hand: imagining and making it come true. For TECNALIA, "imagining" means having ideas that help our clients and society have a better future. Ideas that create value. “Making it come true” is providing imaginative, technological, creative solutions. Solutions that bring real results. Creating ideas that are transformed into value, and competitive business opportunities for their clients. How it is organised One of TECNALIA's differentiating characteristics is its innovative operation model based on 7 sectorial Business Divisions. Sustainable Construction, Energy and Environment, Industry and Transport, ICT-European Software Institute, Health, Innovation Strategies and Technological Services, which allow TECNALIA to provide personalised and multi-disciplinary attention for our clients. Thus, TECNALIA covers a broad range of sectors and is present in all the relevant areas of society. Offering its clients comprehensive solutions, making the most of the technological and marketing capacities of its Business Divisions, which are clearly client-focused. People without borders TECNALIA's best asset is our team, made up of more than 1,500 experts who work to transform knowledge into GDP in order to improve People's quality of life by generating business opportunities for Companies. Experts from 32 different countries are divided into 21 headquarters around the world; they are responsible for visualising, identifying and developing comprehensive technological solutions with creativity and imagination for over 4,000 clients, and offering comprehensive solutions paying personalised and multi-disciplinary attention to each one of them. It is present in international markets with a double purpose: to sell, for profit, in sophisticated markets that promote its technological excellence; and in emerging markets offering opportunities, while connecting knowledge, talent and technology to provide value to our clients and generate GDP. For this purpose, TECNALIA has four branch offices abroad: Mexico, France, Italy and Serbia; four associated innovation centres in Bulgaria, Colombia, Egypt and France; as well as an extensive network of sales partners in 17 countries, aside from Spain. It also has five strategic alliances: it participates in JIIP with headquarters in Brussels, with KEMEN group to approach markets in Africa and the Middle East, with CLAUT (Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo León, A.C.) in Mexico, IPAE in Peru and SEI (Software Engineering Institute) in USA. A great part of the success of its internationalisation process is based on the trust of our clients, who want to enter their international investments hand-in-hand with TECNALIA. One the one hand, thanks to its ability to participate and accompany large R&D&I international projects, through its technological know-how, specialised services or the sale of industrial property, and on the other, by serving as an engine of the closest industrial network, mainly SMEs, in their internationalisation processes. A European benchmark According to the European Research Ranking, TECNALIA holds position 21 among European Research Bodies (both private and public) taking part in the EU 7th Framework Programme, being the first private entity in Spain. At 1 June 2013, TECNALIA has participated in 353 projects throughout the 5 1/2 years of the 7th Framework Programme. TECNALIA leads 76 of these Projects, thus responding to the trust of companies and other leading research organisations in their relevant sectors. TECNALIA achieved a return of 132 million Euros for Spain during this 5-year period, and more importantly, it facilitated the participation of many Spanish companies in European R&D&I reference consortia (nearly 200 companies, mainly SMEs, are mobilised annually in proposals presented in the tenders).