Application Controller

The Application Controller component assists in managing the intelligence regarding the currently used deployment configuration and historical ones. It keeps records whether a deployment configuration was successful and if any SLA violations had occurred in the applications operation time. With this information, OPTIMUS is able to suggest new and adequate deployment configurations and not reuse a previous deployment configuration that deemed unsuccessful or faulty in terms of security, performance or legal awareness.

The following functionalities have been implemented in year 1 of the project as part of the Application Controller:

F1. Holding the intelligence of the different deployment configurations that the multi-cloud application has had in its operation time.

F2. Storing these deployment configurations in a JSON based history file in an accessible git repository, where the application description also resides.

F3. Provide OPTIMUS with the operations required in order to read and write the chosen deployment configuration. In the case of reading, avoiding those configurations that resulted problematic in terms of security, performance or legal awareness can be achieved.

F4. Provide the DECIDE DevOps Framework with the necessary operations to read from the historical configuration.

F5. The deployment history will include meta-data regarding the deployment configuration such as time and date of deployment, the current status, information on the microservice, CSP data and information regarding any SLA breaches that have taken place.

F6. The deployment history file is stored in an accessible location (git repository) and the mechanisms for accessing, updating and deleting the file and its entries are available.

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