MCSLA (multi-cloud SLA)

The MCSLA Editor provides a tool for the authoring of an MCSLA to be used as a contract between the end-user of the application and the application owner, i.e. developer. Furthermore, the MCSLA is designed in a machine-readable format that describes means to monitor and measure the application’s NFRs.

The main functionalities for the MCSLA Editor are as follows:

F1. Provides supportive means for the developer for the definition of the composite MCSLAs and the corresponding SLOs of the application. This includes:

  1. Aggregation of the available terms in the various contracted SLAs using defined mathematical formulas mapped to deployment topologies.
  2. Allowing for editing an existing MCSLA after a re-deployment is recommended whilst respecting the initial SLA.

F2. Provide an interactive user interface for authoring an MCLSA.

F3. The MCSLA is translated into a standards-based machine-readable form that includes a metrics definition.

F4. The MCSLA is translated into a human readable form.

F5. Maintain an interface to ACSmI for accessing the contracted SLAs

F6. Maintain access to the git repository of the Application.

F7. Storage of the MCSLA file in a git repository to be accessed by the different DECIDE tools.

F8. Integration of the MCSLA Editor in the DECIDE DevOps Framework.

The MCSLA Editor will be implemented incrementally. The first version (Month 12) includes the functionalities F1 (partly), F2, F3, F4 (partly), F6, and F7.

Additional information: